Two years has passed since the last international T-shirt art exhibition, therefore we are pleased to invite you to a new,  even bigger and cooler, T-shirt art exhibition at Solaris Gallery. The grand opening takes place on July 7, at 7pm. And on the closing day of July 21st we’re having a big art auction.

The aim of this exhibition is to bring together a diverse selection of T-shirt art from all over the world. From Atlanta, USA to India and the Philippines. We exhibit works of experienced artists as well as new talents who have just started experimenting with this medium. A diverse choice of techniques are also represented. For example silk-screen printing, lithography, linocut, DTG printing (Direct to Garment), sublimation, hot press as well as different hand painted pieces. In addition, our guests can try drawing on T-shirts with textile markers.

This time, we have also made a separate Instagram account where you can keep an eye on the news, surprises and participants – go and hit the follow button! @tallinntshirtbiennale and use the hashtag #tallinntshirtbiennale! Photos of earlier exhibitions can be seen here:

Marko Mäetamm ( 
Liisa Kruusmägi ( 
Kai Kaljo ( 
Maarit Murka ( 
Edward von Lõngus (@edwardvonlongus) 
Elina Kasesalu (@paper0cuts) 
Helene Vetik (@helveticam) 
Jim Ashilevi (@jim_ash) 
Madis Põldsaar (@madispoldsaar) 
Agnes Värik (@coffee_by_agnes) 
Rando Freiberg ( 
Raido Kuurmaa ( 
Olivia Nõgisto (@sealomanprints) 
Krõõt Kukkur ( 
Marcusartwork (@marcusartwork) 
Martin Eelma (@martin_eelma) 
Laura Verte (@lauraverte_illustrations) 
Marta Liisa Koit (@martaliisakoit) 
Triina Britt Aumere (@artbytba) 
Karola Ainsar (@paljusateadsid) 
ÄSS ( 
RODO DODO (@rodo.dodo) 
OKEIKO (@theokeiko) 
Laura Verte (@lauraverte_illustrations) 
Janno Saft (@_frankwo_) 
Martin Eelma (@martin_eelma) 
Pia Martin (@piamartin_art) 
Ivanda Jansone (Helsinki, Finland, @ivandajansone) 
Plan B (Helsinki, Finland, @planbstreetart)
Anibal Hernandez (Madrid, Spain, 
Gaia Ranuzzi (Bologna, Italy, @mon_sterlii) 
Jakob Roepke (Berlin, Germany, @jakobroepke_berlin) 
Susanne Schirdewahn (Berlin, Germany, @schirdewahnsusanne, 
Bilgin Aksoy (Marmaris, Turkey, @ibaksoy75) 
Antonio Mcilwaine (USA, 
Jossalynn Harris (USA, @ladie.spit) 
Swathi V Rao (Bangalore, @artbhel) 
Pedro Tapa (The Philippines, @pedrotapa) 
Praire S (Thailand, @the_coffee_spiller_art)

Big thanks to our supporters:
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