ARTSHI is a brand, through which the artist Rando Freiberg connects keywords like old and new, physical and virtual, borders and freedom. His idea is to create art which connects with everyday life. Through ARTSHI, original drawings and graphic designs find their way on various mediums from T-shirts to posters or vast interior walls. Old bicycles are given new and modernly colourful lives, often considering the wishes of the client. The purpose is to take the contemporary art to new mediums, out of art galleries and on the streets. The options for this are endless… This way the message and the beauty of today’s art and design will touch much more viewers than it would between art gallery walls.

I work spontaneously on different waves of inspiration, sometimes I just feel the need to create something new and cool. I like to be practical and thorough, which is why  I wont start to work before I can visualize the end product in almost every detail. Working this way suits me because it prevents the stress which comes from having to quickly solve various problems and risking the quality of the results. My working methods make the working progress more enjoyable and everything mostly goes as planned. The most important message or theme in my works is the freedom to do whatever one desires. I want to show how refreshing and freeing it is to both the artist and the viewer to do or witness something totally unexpected and different, something that doesn’t always have to have a meaning or a message, but simply is, freely. I suppose that is kind of a message of it’s own, but I think a certain message also lies in the peaceful and enjoyable working process and the tinkering as well as in the rich details and visual deapth of the end result which all have a sort of therapic effect…

— Rando Freiberg

Curriculum Vitae


2012 Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium, applied arts

2015 Tallinn University, Institute of arts, art education, BA

Professional work experience:

2009-… Freelance artist and graphic designer

2013-2014 – OÜ KEEP Fashion, Telliskivi Loomelinnak. Artist, designer

2013-2015 – MTÜ Eesti Litograafiakeskus. Artist, assistant

2013 – Tallinn Art Space. Artist, assistant

2016 – OÜ La Ecwador. Graphic design intern

2016-2018 – OÜ Konverter Group. Graphic designer, product manager

2018 – present – Promostar OÜ. Graphic designer

Curator projects:

2015 –  ARTSHI EXPO – Art on a T-shirt, Tallinn Art Space gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 – ARTSHI EXPO II, The Gallery of Design and Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia

2019 – Tallinn T-shirt Art Biennale, Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn, Estonia

Other events:

2019 – T-shirt art workshops for Converse_X_ program launching events in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

Wall paintings:

2017 – 2 conference room walls at Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia Conference Center, Tallinn, Estonia

2018 – FURGNER design furniture salon walls through 2 floors, Sakala 7, Tallinn, Estonia

Group exhibitions:

2014 – 13 Lithographs, Tallinn University’s Astra building, Estonia

2014 – 13 Lithographs at IV Tartu Graafikafestival, cafe Promenaadi 5, Tartu, Estonia

2015 – ARTSHI EXPO – Art on a T-shirt, Tallinn Art Space gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 – ARTSHI EXPO II, The Gallery of Design and Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia

2019 – Tallinn T-Shirt Art Biennale, Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn, Estonia


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