This artwork depicts a human brain as a sturdy tree growing out of the desert floor, fighting the elements against all odds. It’s what I feel, as an artist, what my imagination has to go through when working with various commissions, clients, competitions etc. The image is created digitally and with the help of playing around with various AI software, then printed on the back of a 5mm acrylic sheet for a bit of a 3D effect. It also gives the artwork it’s sturdiness and protection as well as makes the colors pop more. The shine and reflectiveness made it quite tricky to photograph, but it looks great live! I submitted it for an art competition and since it sadly wasn’t chosen, it is now hanging in a social pedagogue’s (my girlfriend’s 🙂 ) office of a private school in Tallinn Old Town while it’s available for purchase. If you’re interested then contact me for more info & quote!

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