The first international T-shirt art exhibition in Estonia opened on May 26th 2015 at Tallinn Art Space gallery,

curated by Rando Freiberg

Mike Joyce, Stereotype Design (NYC, USA)
Nicolas Di Genova, Mediumphobic (Toronto, Canada)
Dmitri Aske (Moscow, Russia)
Anibal Hernandez (Madrid, Spain)
Sergio del Puerto, Serial Cut (Madrid, Spain)
Zosen (Barcelona, Spain)
Matthijs Maat & Kim Smits, MAKI (Groningen, Netherlands)
Johan Graffner, DEDICATED (Stockholm, Sweden)
Rando Freiberg, ARTSHI (Tallinn, Estonia)
Kai Kaljo (Tallinn, Estonia)
Maarit Murka (Tallinn, Estonia)
Mart Veelmaa (Tallinn, Estonia)
Külliki Järvila (Tallinn, Estonia)

Promotional video for ARTSHI EXPO

Video installation which was projected on a wall at the gallery

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